Off Road Equipment for Events and Film Shoots

We have an incredible range of off-road and event equipment and a flexible team who can solve any problem. We can add capacity to productions by offering huge tents, 4x4 vehicles, radios and a wide range of other gear.

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Off Road Equipment for Events and Film Shoots

WildFox Events has been organising wilderness adventure challenges in the Highlands of Scotland for over twenty years. We provide support and logistics for thousands of participants each year who take part in our extreme events. Over the years we have built up a comprehensive list of useful kit and we can deliver fast and practical solutions for events and film shoots in remote locations.

We have a range of 4x4 vehicles, including a heavy-duty 4x4 Unimog “Command” truck that pulls a 4.5 tonne covered trailer. We also have an array of large tents, marquees and strong gazebos - enough coverage to shelter big events or production teams.

To see a detailed list of our equipment click here.

Our team is flexible, hardworking, friendly and experienced. We aim to supplement your event or film production and support your work with our team and equipment.

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phone: 01567 820409

email: david@wildfoxevents


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