This is a charity event raising money for Mary's Meals. Test your stamina, strength and nerve as you swim, hike/run, paddle and pedal through the spectacular Scottish Highlands in one of Scotland’s best one-day events. Register here.

Event Description
Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon

One day. Four challenges. Have you got what it takes? Register here.

The Quadrathlon is a WildFox classic. Set in the stunning landscape of Highland Perthshire, ‘The Quad’ as it is affectionately known, combines four mighty challenges: a swim, run, kayak and cycle. Now in its sixeenth year the event has helped raise a staggering £3.6 million for good causes. The fun starts at dawn with a bracing swim across the icy waters of Loch Tay, followed by a seven peak run across the Ben Lawers mountain range. The route across this steep and rugged terrain is a test to body and soul. Navigation skills in the typically misty conditions are required. It goes without saying that strength, endurance and bags of good humour are essential if you are aiming to take on one of Scotland's toughest events.

From the North shore of Loch Tay participants are then pushed off in kayaks to paddle seven miles back to our base camp. Most stop off on the way for one of our legendary pina coladas (sadly non-alcoholic) on bikini beach, before cutting straight across the loch.

Tired yet? Most participants are exhausted by the time they pick up their bikes for the last section, a gruelling 34 mile cycle ride around Loch Tay. Thankfully the lure of a fish supper in Killin helps keep motivation high. Without the water rescue expertise, off-road response units, field hospital capability and overwhelming enthusiasm of all event staff, the Quad would not be possible. Working together with expert doctors and nurses, the well-being and safety of all the event participants is given the highest priority.

Most teams stagger rather than run across the finishing line. But this is just when the real fun starts. There’s a brief respite for a massage and a hearty hog roast before the evening’s entertainment gets into full swing. Quadrathletes are then expected to rise to one last challenge – dancing Scottish reels to a live band in the big tent.

At the end of the night everyone gathers on the loch shore to see a spectacular fireworks display over the same waters’ they swam across many long hours earlier. We are proud to say that most participants come away with a sense of achievement that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Want to take part? Register here.

At age 51 I started training, with Kindrochit as my target. I’ve since done Olympic Triathlons but Kindrochit’s difference for me is :

Purpose – the hill section is tough so come the bike leg, 8 hours later, you’re running on empty. What drives you on is the image of John’s Mercy Corps kids that will be fed through the pain we endure.

Camaraderie – Mountain Rescue dog teams camped on misty mountain peaks, Rescue boatsx10, Massage Angels , Orcadian Ceilidh Dancing – this is not an individual event but a team of 450 all working to achieve significant common good. Nothing’s too hard.

Location – you’ll never get a more picturesque event and the sense of tranquillity standing at the Loch side in moonlight and at 5am is just awesome and you appreciate how lucky we are

If the mantra is “One Life, Live It” then it should also be “One Challenge, Kindroch It”

Charlie Ward

Just a quick one to say, "what an event!" Hardest thing I've ever done in my life but...the total pain and complete exhaustion is already beginning to give way to thoughts of achievement.

The purpose of this blether is really to express how impressed we were with the organisation of the whole event. Really, second to none. Unbeknown to us, our work colleagues, who happened to be on shift, were monitoring our "progress" online which was brilliant.

I'd love to say I'm going to go for it next year but will have to see. I think it was just about too much for me. Having said that, I'm a sucker for a challenge!

Norman McGlashan and Davie Threadgold

Firstly can I start by saying what a great job you guys did this weekend with the Quadrathlon. It was a lot of fun and so well organised from the catering, marquees, band, red cross staff, volunteers etc etc. I have done a number of events - Three Peaks, British Gas Energy Challenge, Caledonian Challenge and by far your event was the best organised of the lot. A special thanks to the army of volunteers at each check points who were so helpful not only in giving us more fluids and food but going the extra mile to do this with a smile of their faces and a genuine warmth. It made so much difference as we were changing kit etc to have someone change out your Camelbak for you. Certainly from a competitor's point of view the event went very smoothly so I hope you all get a few days to draw some breath – well done indeed it must be quite a challenge in itself putting something like that together and you pulled it off brilliantly.

Jamie White

I just wanted to get in touch to thank you and your team for an outstanding race on Saturday.

I have done my share of endurance racing over the past 10 years or so and the AGKQ was by far the best organised event I have ever competed in, right down to the enthusiasm and professionalism of all the volunteer stewards.

I, and my team mate Angus, had a fantastic weekend. We were amazed at the enthusiasm and support from the locals, too...notably on the bike stage.

It was truly memorable.

Oliver Houchell

Just a quick note to thank you for all the effort you and your team put into Kindrochit this year. It is an event that is difficult to picture before the day itself, but the reality is truly spectacular. The atmosphere is a subtle blend of participants taking what is a mammoth course as seriously as it should be taken and of light-hearted bonhomie. Scottie and I enjoyed every minute of it (especially when it was over) and this was in large part due to the helpfulness and warmth of the variety of people who made up the array of organisers and helpers. Too early to talk about next year but I fear that, having tasted Kindrochit once, any race calendar would look rather bland without it.

Dominic Herbert and Scott Leonard

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